DirecTV CES news

January 9, 2005

dtv-cesI don’t even know where to begin, DTV announced so many additions, upgrades and products at this years CES it’s tough to break them down into one coherent post, but here goes. Probably the most important announcement wasn’t even new, the additional satellites that will equal a substantial increase in bandwidth, bottom line this means more programming specifically more local channels.

But to get the most out of all that new bandwidth the implementation of MPEG-4 is a big bonus over MPEG-2. in a nutshell MPEG-4 is a more efficient way of delivering high definition to the set top boxes, and with DTV’s plans to offer local networks in HDTV to 12 major markets, efficiency with the allocated bandwidth is a must.

Another interesting development was the announcement that DirecTV would introduce their own DVR, stepping away from TiVo as their only source of DTV DVR. The first DVR doesn’t have HDTV capabilities but that feature is likely in the pipeline.

As if that wasn’t enough, DIRECTV also announced a Home Media Center. The unit is said to be similar to existing media centers but specifically geared to DTV’s service. This service/equipment will allow users to stream video from one recorder to other STB/clients in the home.

Unfortunately one thing that hasn’t changed with DirecTV, new HDTV service requires a one year contract. Again this is what kept me away from DTV and will continue to do so.

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