DirecTV’s little secret

January 13, 2005

Directv Earlier this week I mentioned DirecTV’s Mpeg-4 upgrade and Dish Network’s delays in doing so. Well I didn’t want to cause mass hysteria, something akin to the fleeing civilians in a Godzilla movie, but… the upgrade from Mpeg-4 won’t be done via software, this is a hardware upgrade. Now before anyone starts throwing things at the screen or jumping up and down in a tizzy, rest assured there will be some sort of upgrade path, if not a total buyout for older equipment, but (and here’s the potentially sad part) that ‘older’ equipment even includes the Hughes HR10250 (aka HDTV TiVo).

That’s right, given DTV’s announcement of their own DVR ala NDS, this means that those who own a HR10250 are likely to be the last HD-TiVo owners, as the new boxes capable of recording hi-def will be manufactured by DirecTV or a subsidiary. The transition to Mpeg-4 won’t happen over night, to the contrary it will likely take months to years. So rest assured DTV subscribers won’t go without programming during the transition. It’s also possible that some of the older Mpeg-2 transceivers will be left in operation alongside the newer ones, giving those who aren’t hip to the new noise even longer to ‘get on board’.

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