Goodbye Voom hello Verizon?

January 21, 2005

voomWell no sooner had the doors closed on one significant chapter in high definition television, than another opens up. The cable companies have been slow to catch up with what the Sat’s have been offering for some time, now granted most large cable markets have DVR cable boxes now, but they still have some catching up to do in overall HDTV programming, it appears Verizon and Comcast are intent on rectifying that problem.

All across the northeast in places like Nassau County NY and Newton Massachusetts Verizon is lying new (super high bandwidth) fiber-optic cables that according to one Verizon spokemen will add “more high-definition channels, and more channels in general”. I’m always for more hi-def, I just hope that the cable providers get it right this time and realize consumers do have other viable options.

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