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January 27, 2005

newsDenon Link approved by Sony and Philips:
Denon won approval from Sony and Philips for their ‘Denon-Link’ making Denon an even more attractive choice for Home A/V equipment. The ‘link’ was already active for Denon to Denon equipment connections, I can only assume with this formal certification it will open up means to allow Sony and Philips CD/DVD players to offer the same digital to digital signal path connection.

Voom Still broadcasting, as of January 27th that is:
In satellite ‘news’ I have to say no news in good news, at least in my case. Voom is still operating and broadcasting, we’re still watching movies and still enjoying the service, even after the purchase of Rainbow1 by Dishnetwork. There have been many rumors floated around as to what will happen to the service. I don’t hold out any special hope that Voom will continue on under Dish, especially since Dish only acquired the hardware, not the programming, but hey you just never know, especially when it comes to the satellite biz.

Cable companies may not be forced to multicast channels:
The FCC recently recommended denying a broadcaster’s petition to require cable companies to carry the extra ‘multi-cast’ channels, this whole multicasting thing is somewhat of a conundrum. While on the one hand it allows broadcasters to squeeze sub-channels and local feeds onto the main carrier channel, sometimes this comes with a overall signal derogation.

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