Marantz VP-12S4 preview

January 1, 2005

VP-12S4Of all the single DMD DLP front projectors we’ve installed this year, err last year the Marantz VP-12S3 was our favorite, as far as clarity, resolution and overall performance goes we couldn’t have been more pleased with this projector. Given this we’re obviously excited about the Marantz VP-12S4 as its direct replacement. The 12S4 adds a higher wattage lamp and a better contrast ratio, as well as more overall brightness (something the 12S3 never really lacked in the first place) here’s a snippet from the CES press release for the Marantz’s VP-12S4:

Marantz’s VP-12S4 High-Definition Projector featuring DLP technology builds upon the performance of the previous model VP-12S3 with a host of upgraded features and technologies, to deliver a remarkable new level of high-definition image quality in custom home theater applications. The VP-12S4 features a Texas Instruments 16×9 High-Definition chip in conjunction with a newly developed 1280 x 720 pixel panel and leading-edge DLP technology, yielding higher brightness, contrast, resolution and color accuracy. Image quality is further enhanced by refinements such as a yellow notch filter for more realistic reproduction of green hues, a color wheel with an additional dark green color to reduce green video noise in dark scenes, a new 200 watt DC lamp designed to eliminate flicker and maintain a more uniform brightness throughout the life of the bulb. The projector also features a new medium throw AD lens from Minolta, with a wider zoom range, increased lens shift; new Gennum VXP Video Processing featuring 10 Bit throughput and 1080i Motion Adaptive Deinterlacing.

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