Rotel announces new amplifiers

January 4, 2005

rotel rmb-1077CES is fun, it’s kind of like getting product announcements (from companies that actually matter) all week long, the latest is from Rotel. First up is the new RMB-1077 power amp, Rotel claims to pack seven channels of amplification at 100 watts per channel, into a case that’s only a little over 2 inches tall. Ok, why comes to mind, but I’m sure they’ve got applications in mind, maybe the well to-do but cramped for space set.

The RMB-1077’s switching power supply is responsible for its slim design, but Rotel states this amplifier shares little in common with older ‘weaker’ switching power supply designs, and benefits from their proprietary Controlled Oscillation Modulation (COM) and Multivariable Enhanced Cascade Control (MECC) technologies. I have no clue what the hell those are but given their track record of great sounding amplifiers I’ll take it to mean good stuff. Rotel was actually my second pick for amplification in my system, it was an extremely close second pick however.

Availability: first quarter 2005, suggested Retail Price: $2499.00

Rotel RKB Series
rotel RK series
Secondly, and more importantly in my book is the announcement of three new Rotel rack mountable, custom A/V amplifiers. The RKB-250 (2x50W), RKB-650 (6x50W) and RKB-2100 (2x100W) are said to be a more robust and durable than typical ‘consumer line’ amps, this coming from a company who made a integrated amp I bought in the late eighties, and still runs like a champ today… All three models will double their 8? power into 4? loads with full-specification performance. Also announced and intended for us with the new “RKB series” is a fan cooling kit, obviously desirable for custom rack mount, home theater installations.

Availability: First Quarter 2005
Suggested Retail Prices:
RKB-250 (2x50W) .$550
RKB-650 (6x50W) .$900
RKB-2100 (2x100W) .$800
RKF-100 fan-cooling kit .$400

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