Thiel Audio’s Smart Sub line

January 16, 2005

thiel subThiel Audio recently announced a new line of “SmartSub” home theater sub-woofers and crossovers. The SSI, SS2, SS3, and SS4 subwoofers, SmartSub Integrator, and PX02 and PX05 passive crossovers; which are said to be designed to eliminate “the major problems and limitations that conventional subwoofers have in matching the system’s main speakers and the room”.

The Smart-Subs feature Thiel’s short coil/long gap motor system, oversized magnet structures, and 1000-watt amplifiers (500W in the SSl), and contain either one 10″, two 10″, two 12″ or two 15″ drivers. The SmartSub Integrator “takes the guesswork out of sub-woofer crossover adjustments” according to designer Jim Thiel, because it automatically calculates the proper settings for your room and speakers.

For owners of Thiel speakers, the PX02 and PX05 crossovers have been designed to perfectly blend the SmartSub of your choice with whichever Thiel model you happen to own. The SmartSubs are available in 12 different cabinet finishes, and can be auditioned through specialty home theater & audio retailers, find a local dealer near you.

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