Visionary or oblivious, Charles Dolan fights for Voom

January 18, 2005

voomThe father and son duo behind 75% control of Cablevision (Voom’s parent company) can’t see eye to eye on the struggling satellite provider’s future. Dolan Sr. who can cite Home Box Office & Cablevision Systems as just a few ‘accomplishments’ in his lifetime, has fought vehemently for Voom to continue broadcasting in recent months, while son James Dolan is ready to plug the cash leaks and either sell or close operations.

I really cant ‘cheer’ for either side anymore, I love Voom, the programming and picture quality in my opinion, are hands down the best value in HDTV programming. That said I’ve also grown tired of waiting on the DVR (now promised in March). If Dish or DirecTV could buy the service and fold it into their current business model, I wouldn’t resist the switch-over, but I wouldn’t exactly kick up my heels in glee either, as neither Dish nor DirecTV have proven to me they want or care about getting my business thus far. On second thought, go get em Charles.

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