Voom news yet again, Echostar purchases Rainbow 1

January 20, 2005

voomThe details are spotty as this was only released about 30 minutes ago, but it looks like Dish has bought Voom’s primary holdings.

“Also, as part of the transaction with Cablevision, EchoStar will acquire ground facilities and related assets in Black Hawk, S.D. The transaction is subject to review by the Federal Communications Commission and other regulatory agencies”. I guess Dish beat Dolan Sr. to the punch.

The same press release can be found on Dish Networks site. And Per usual a thread on the subject can be found at sateliteguys.us

My post below, only a few hours old, seems really ‘old’ now. I just went and looked at what my local cable company, DISH and DirecTV offer in HDTV, again. What a shame, all three of them combined still dont offer me what Voom did, ce la vie.

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