Voom satellite update, rumor mongers take note

January 20, 2005

voomI guess the end is near wouldn’t exactly be accurate, as no one has any ‘hard facts’ but there certainly is a lot a speculation as to what today’s ‘rumblings’ about RDBS deciding to sell Voom mean. One report has the Dolan family ready plunk down about 200 million to buy Voom outright, while another indicates talks with Echostar are still in the works. Either way it would appear the provider will change hands in the not to distant future.

Yes the rumors of an internal Voom memo posted to the internet are true, I should say ‘a memo’ was posted, the authenticity of the memo is another thing. However what I read seems plausible enough, the gist of the memo is basically that Dolan Sr. isn’t going out without a fight, and indicated plans on buying Voom outright. While this would satisfy me personally, I have to wonder if this is really a sound financial decision, but then again no one know’s what potential backing Mr. Dolan may have secured in the last few weeks.

A short excerpt from the ‘memo’ indicates potential plans for Voom’s future.

“It is our expectation that RDBS will be offered for sale as an operating business. To do otherwise risks minimizing the return to Cablevision. Sale of RDBS requires RDBS to continue to operate normally. Should RDBS, the business, be sold, RDBS staff will simply work under new ownership.

Potential bidders for RDBS include members of the Dolan family. We love working with a skilled group as dedicated as the RDBS staff, and we love the VOOM project.”

*update* Full text of the ‘Memo’ has now been posted here.

So yet again, Voom subscribers are in a ‘wait and see’ mode, hopefully this time, we’ll get some sense of whether we’ll still be Voomer’s a year from now.

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