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February 7, 2005

news_paperFujitsu might have had enough of the LCD business: Reuters is reporting that Fujitsu is in talks with Sharp to sell off its LCD division. Apparently Fujitsu’s LCD division has been operating in the red for some time now, and the corporate powers that be know when to cry uncle. While nothing was finalized as of 02/07/05 one spokesman stated “We’ll make an announcement as soon as an agreement is reached”.

Voom customers want answers:
I knew this would come, and to be honest it’s overdue. Last month when the announcement that Echostar had bought Rainbow1 came, many of us were just waiting for the hammer to drop, well it hasn’t yet. But some customers want answers sooner than later, one specifically mentioned in this article (Subscription Required) got his installation just two days before the sale was announced, bummer. But one thing to keep in mind here, and yes some of this is just speculation on my part, but Voom isn’t acting like a company about to go out of business.

Many pointed to Voom continuing to buy advertising after the sale as ‘irrelevant’ as the advertising is bought ahead of time, well I could understand that at the end of January but now its February and a lot of those ads’s are still out and about. Now this is admittedly just speculation, and possibly even crossing the border over into conspiracy theory, but maybe Voom has another card up their sleeve, yet to be played. Only time will tell, as some analyst would have you believe Voom stopped broadcasting last month, which they haven’t.

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