Netflix, Blockbuster or both? Follow-Up

February 24, 2005

dvd-caseWell my little vs. Netflix comparison wasn’t as cut and dried as I’d hoped for, however I do feel like I’ve learned enough to make a temporary decision. In the week or so I’ve had an account with I’ve received at least 2 new releases from BB that Netflix reported as having a long wait.

Also’s system of using the postal service’s UPC scan, for determining the movies on its way back, does indeed work. I was able to verify this by putting a movie in the mail on a Saturday afternoon and getting a next movie ship conformation the following day.

But was it a Blockbuster blowout? Hardly, BB seems to like to delve out the movies one at a time regardless of what quantity or frequency they’re returned whereas Netflix will let go of a few at a time on occasion. This may not sound like a big deal and normally I’d agree, but getting stuck with one DVD for an entire weekend can be a pain.

So for now I’ve downgraded my Netflix account to three at a time, and decided to keep’s service for an additional month, I feel I’ll be able to get a better feel for both services’ consistency this way. I’ll report back on my findings.

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