New Cable Cards promise more

February 19, 2005

cable_cardCable Cards are cool, Cable Boxes are redundant. The majority of displays already have a coaxial connector, why add another bulky device up-stream, that basically just plays traffic cop? That’s why Cable Cards make so much sense, with what is in essence is a PCMCIA card, you can finally break free of the dreaded “no mom the cable box has to be on also” routine.

Up until now however, cable cards were somewhat limiting, by excluding PPV and on-demand services from many cable providers. Enter the new generation of unidirectional cards that may once and for all relegate the cable (box) the way of the rabbit ears. Samsung has begun licensing a version of the bi-directional card from Cable-Labs, with testing planned throughout 2005. If you’re in the market for a new LCD or Plasma display, and a cable card input is an option, I wholeheartedly recommended going that way.

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