Voom alive, Voom dead, heck you figure it out

February 28, 2005

This is downright comical, first this little tidbit floats through my newsreader:
VOOM Announces Continued Service

And then…
Cablevision to close Voom HDTV service

Followed by…
Cablevision and VOOM HD End Discussions without Agreement

Something, maybe the realist in me, says the third one likely represents the closest thing to the truth in all of them. Regardless this on-again off-again silliness, can’t be good for their public relations, being a Voom sub subscriber myself, I kind of feel like a kid who’s parents are arguing in public.

As a side note updated subscriber numbers apparently filtered out in one of those press releases, it would seem the current number is 46,000, or about 20k new subscribers since last years numbers. As always follow the Dolan drama over at satelliteguys.us

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