A newcomer to the Micro-Display chip market

March 7, 2005

MiradiaUp until now Texas Instruments held a very exclusive position, as the sole supplier of Digital MicroMirror Display chips, for DLP displays. With Miradia’s entry into the market, this domination from TI, just might open up into a full fledged competition for DLP chipset market share.

Miradia based in Santa Clara, California, is ready to give Texas Instruments a little friendly competition with their “micro-electro-mechanical-system” (MEMS) mirror-based Microdisplay chips, that are said to offer similar performance to TI’s HD2+ chip.

Miradia’s chips are slated to be ready for production in late 2005, and will first be offered in a 1280×720 resolution, with a 1920×1080 version to follow. While these new chips obviously promise much of what’s already offered by TI in their DLP’s, its unclear how many display manufacturers would be willing to move away from the current DLP model, and adopt Miradia’s version.

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