Comcast DVR’s to use TiVo’s software?

March 15, 2005

tivoIf this pans out to be true, it could be huge for Comcast. Anyone who’s ever used a Comcast DVR knows the weak link to the entire package isn’t the hardware itself, but the damn archaic program guide.

USA Today is reporting that TiVo is close to an agreement with Comcast that would enable the No. 1 cable operator to use TiVo’s software and easy-to-use interface to power its digital video recorders”

I’ve been wary of Comcast for their program guide software alone, I found it horrendous. If TiVo and Comcast are really this close to a deal, I have to wonder about other regional cable providers. If TiVo is ready to position themselves as a software provider surely other cable systems would like to get on board.

Deal finalized, looks like TiVo & Comcast are moving forward.

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