Lights, Camera display, action!

March 25, 2005

lightingLighting control in a home theater is often overlooked, but it can add so much to the overall effect. I can tell you from personal experience, programming a slow dim macro into your universal remote, can add that last little degree of cinema experience. A remote control dimmer is also pretty handy for those interruptions, which require pausing the movie and moving about the room, as well.

Often I have a need to control just a single light or occasionally a bank of lights. For the single pole incandescent lights I’ll use a Lutron Spacer, which replaces the entire light switch, and not only adds built in dimming, but remote control as well.

For multiple switch legs in one box I’ll often use a Lutron Grafik Eye which can control several sets of lights in the same switch box. Obviously there are other lighting control systems on the market, Vantage and Radio-Ra most notably, but what we’re talking about here is simple home theater lighting control, where we only need to control one or a few switches.

Most of the spacer and Grafik eye switch conversions can be handled by the do-it-yourselfer, but as always when working with high voltage, if in doubt call an electrician

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