Voom update

March 27, 2005

voomDespite several humorous articles to the contrary, Voom is alive and well (for now). To the casual outsider the recent addition of 20 channels wouldn’t spell out turmoil, but unfortunately that may very well be what’s going on behind the scenes, at Cablevision (Vooms parent company).

For what seems like an eternity now, Charles Dolan has been trying to wrestle Voom away from CableVision but the two have apparently been unable to agree on terms for the sale. Some reports have the Cable TV pioneer (Charles Dolan) offering considerably less than CV wants to accept, while other reports speculate that CV wants to strap the new Voom with significantly more outgoing debt than they feel comfortable with.

The recent extension from CableVision for Voom’s continued service is rapidly approaching an end (March 31st) and while this might appear daunting, given the back and forth news of late, if you follow the recent talk concerning Voom, one thing is sure, until the screens of Voom subscribers go black, all talk about Voom is just that, talk.

For those interested, I’ve complied a list of the channels recently added, not a bad assortment if you ask me. VH1 Classic has already become my go-to channel when I can’t find anything else on, which is admittedly a rare occurrence with Voom.

Military Channel
Discovery Times
Discovery Home
Discovery Kids
Science Channel
History International
CNN International
BBC America
Nick GAS
MTV Hits
VH1 Classic
Great American Country
Wealth TV (HD)
Fine Living
CNN En Espanol
ESPN Deportes

In addition to these channels, WGN is said to be in the works as well. Also rumored and I stress rumored is ESPN2-HD. It’s also rumored some regional sports networks are on the horizon from Voom. The much delayed Voom DVR is now said to be slated for a “first half of 2005” release. As always with all things Voom, time will tell.

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