Comcast to provide MGM video on demand

April 10, 2005

comcastWhile gathering up some details for an up-coming article, I stumbled on this little tidbit about the recent acquisition of MGM by Sony. Sony and Comcast entered into a distribution agreement that will open up much of MGM’s back catalog to Comcast, who will apparently offer some of this content via their video-on-demand service.

This is pretty exciting stuff, Bond in HD anyone? But the biggest question is (and one I couldn’t find an answer to), will the programming be in hi-def? Not being intimately familiar with the theoretical bandwidth limits of local cable providers, I’d still have to deduce that hundreds of thousands of viewers trying to access different HDTV streams at the same time would be quite taxing on such a system.

Pertinent passage from the article:
“In addition to the operating agreements with SPE, MGM also expects to benefit from distribution agreements with Comcast. MGM content will be available on Comcast’s video on demand platform and on new cable channels operated by Comcast and jointly owned by Comcast, SPE and the members of the consortium.”

This could potentially work out really well for Comcast subscribers, but with all things related to television subscription services, guarded optimism serves better than blind enthusiasm.

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