DirecTV launch’s Spaceway F1

April 27, 2005

spacewayf1In the early hours of April 26th DirecTV launched the first in a series of new satellites that may redefine how direct broadcast satellite systems compete with cable television providers. The new Spaceway satellites, there are 4 total, are capable of delivering up to 1,500 local HD channels and more than 150 national HD channels, as well as Video On Demand and other special event programming.

Launched from the sea, near the equator for the most direct route to orbit and maximum efficiency, the “sea launch” delivery system is quite impressive. A large tanker carries the payload mated to a Zenit-3SL rocket out to sea to rendezvous with the sea launch platform, where the rocket is offloaded, erected, and launched.

DirecTV is obviously committed to delivering more high definition to North America, as the budget for the entire Spaceway project will exceed one billion dollars. The initial plan for the new satellites is to first offer local high definition programming, followed by additional HD nationals. Rumors that DirecTV is actually building a Deathstar with plans of eliminating DishNetworks satellites are highly exaggerated.

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