HDTV sales to overtake SD in 2005

April 15, 2005

hdtvTo coin an oft overused phrase around the office “that’s what’s up” or rather this is good news, according to AV International (citing a CEA study), sales of new HDTV sets will overtake decrepit, long toothed, past their prime standard definition sets for the first time this year.

The implications of this bit o’ news shouldn’t be taken lightly. If like me, you’re tired of actively searching for hi-def content as opposed to just scanning what’s on, and take solace in the fact that for the first time, sales of standard definition sets are on the decline.

What this really boils down to is, many content providers cite their main reluctance in switching over to DTV is the large number of low-def set’s still operational. Well those numbers (taking the accuracy of the CEA study into account) will wane in the coming months and years. I for one wait patiently until all off-air, CATV and DBS broadcasts are digital at a minimum.

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