Intelix releases DVI over CAT-5 balun

April 24, 2005

dvi balunOddly enough a few weeks ago I almost wrote an article asking where are the DVI over Cat-5 solutions? Well what do you know, Intelix beat me to the punch. The DVI balun system is capable of extending DVI up to 150 feet, pretty impressive considering up until now many DVI transmissions suffered from signal loss at distances as little as 40 feet.

The only drawback (if you can consider anything that lets you transmit DVI over 100 feet a drawback) is the fact that the Intelix system requires two Cat5’s, one of which apparently has to be shielded. Still this is a very handy solution for integrators and end-users that for whatever reason didn’t or couldn’t run a DVI cable in the initial installation

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