Texas Instruments ramps up 1080p chip production

April 13, 2005

dlp1080p DLP chipsets from TI will hit critical mass around mid summer, according to sources inside the company. The new “higher definition” chips (love that odd-ball misnomer) are said to be in full production and are being sent out to various display manufacturers around the globe.

“This is an exciting time for HDTV, as we are seeing large quantities of HD content and consumer products to support the content,” said Dale Zimmerman, Business Manager, DLP™ TV Products at Texas Instruments. “We are pleased to provide our customers with a 1080p resolution chip so they can continue to lead the TV market with innovative DLP TVs.”

Incase your wondering what all the hub-bub about 1080p is, in essence 1080p capable display devices allow you to view 1080i based programming in its native resolution, while also allowing for future (1080p) high-definition sources such as Blu-ray, HD-DVD and the already available D-VHS. Many older DLP based display devices are limited to 720 horizontal lines of resolution, but with the advent of 1920×1080 DLP chips, we’ll be able to watch high-def programming natively, regardless of the original horizontal resolution.

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