Voom lives, sort of

April 29, 2005

voom livesHah, and you thought you’d heard the last of my Voom evangelism! While the sale of Voom’s Rainbow1 satellite last January to Echo Star has been common knowledge, the fate Voom’s original programming (often referred to as the Cinema10’s or Voom21) was up in the air (bad pun).

Today Echo Star/Dish Network announced plans to carry many of those channels including: RUSH HD, Gallery HD, Rave HD, Ultra HD, Equator HD, Monsters HD, Animania HD, Majestic HD, HD News and Guy TV HD.

Having had access to these channels for nearly a year, I can say this was a sound decision on Dish Networks part, yes this may indeed require some crow eating on my part.

A few channels didn’t make the cut, most notably “Fu” (Kung Fu), but other than that omission the channels Dish Network picked up were the Crème de la Crème of Vooms programming, Equator HD in my opinion often offers programming equaling or surpassing that of Discovery HD Theater.

Wow, as I was typing this another Voom related story just popped up, according to Rainbow DBS by 2006 Dish Network will carry the entire Voom 21 lineup. This is great news, the Voom exclusives were always ‘good’ programming, now that their future in programming has been shored up and the pitfalls of content delivery can finally be shed, I expect the 21’s to evolve into ‘great’ programming, viva la HD!

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