Dish Networks PocketDish portable DVR

May 26, 2005

dishnetworkIt seems that Dish Network is willing to test the waters of portable video, even if Apple’s CEO is of the opinion that “Portable video won’t be successful”. Capable of storing TV programs as well as audio, photos and Internet content, the Pocket Dish is slated to be rolled out this summer, the cost of the unit is still unspecified.

Connectivity between the Dish receivers and “PocketDish” will be handled by a USB 2.0 link. Dish Network is remaining tight lipped on other possible features and specifications, until closer to launch time.

I wish the guys at EchoStar well on this one; however I’m rather skeptical that such a device will ever capture even half the popularity of audio only portables. Lets face it everyone has time for a three minute song, but how many of us have thirty minutes to several hours to watch portable video while away from home?

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  • New Portable DVR recommended
    1. Small Camcorder

    Include :

    1.Mail Unit; 2.Remote Control ; 3.Adapter 4.Leather; 5.Gifts Box; 6.User Manual; 7.AV-IN Cable

    8.AV-Out Cable; 9.USB Cable; 10.HD Cable; 11.I/O Cable; 12.Alarm-In Cable; 13.Battery


    1. High Resolution: PAL: 720×576(D1)/30FPS, NTS: 720×480(D1)/30FPS;

    2. Motion detector included for recording only when images changing;

    3.Auto recording function when sensor is triggered , Start/Stop buttons are available on the machine;

    4.External machines can be triggered at the same time by alarm output;

    5.Video audio recording and photo capture are available;

    6.Provide TV analog output;

    7.Provide power to attached camera, no power cord needed for attached camera;

    8. Rechargeable lithium-ion mobile battery inside;

    9.Compute transfer interface: USB;

    10.Recording time: 30-68 minutes around/1G;

    11. Multi Recording Mode: Manual/Auto/Motion detection/Schedule for different scenarios

    12.Alarm Input & Output;

    13.Power Consumption:230mA

    14.Provide: Time /date information Watermarked

    15. Microphone and Speakers Built-in

    16.One button for all task;

    17.Remote Control;

    18 Storage media: support SD card and USB external mobile hard disk.

    19. Size: 90mm*59mm*23mm;