FLCoS technology aims for 42”, $999 Micro-Displays

May 30, 2005

flcos chipMay has been a stellar month for new display technology announcements, and this one, interjects something new into the mix. Based in Dalgety Bay, Scotland, CRLO Displays Ltd has been working away on their proprietary version of LCoS called FLCoS (Ferroelectric Liquid-crystal-on-Silicon) which touts significant cost savings compared to other high definition displays. This technology could result in a 42” high-definition display for as little as $1000 in three years time, according to company sources.

Up to this point CRLO’s FLCoS displays have been used exclusively in military applications, but the company hopes to take them into the commercial world of projection TVs. Given the fact that LCD’s are well on their way to becoming a viable display choice in the 40” and larger arena, combined with continuing reduction in plasma pricing, CRLO, will have to deliver on the 1k 42” promise, if they hope to be competitive in the field.

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