For Fujitsu LCD is out Opto-Silicon’s in

May 3, 2005

FujitsuGiven the fact that LCD’s are enjoying a boom period with consumers, I was a little confused by Fujitsu selling off their LCD operations to Sharp last month. But now that I’ve read a little about Fujitsu’s next foray into display devices, it makes more sense.

Fujitsu and the Tokyo Institute of Technology are working on a new display technology, that I can barely grasp yet alone explain, but it sure does sound cool. Described as a single-chip platform integrating optical and silicon devices, the “Opto-Silicon” display would apparently share attributes of both DLP and LCD displays (if I’m reading the statement correctly).

Another interesting passage from the EETimes article states, “The transparent material is designed to allow light transmission with minimal loss and can change its refraction in an electric field.” I read this part to mean a more active, panel display that might be able to change along with light requirements and even adjust on the fly with ‘smart’ contrast.

Cool stuff indeed. I look forward to hearing more about this display technology.

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