LCD and Plasma prices decline

May 10, 2005

Th50px25up_1Wow who would have ever thought Paula Abdul might give unfair assistance to a contestant on American idol. But in news that would shock absolutely no one, both LCD and Plasma display prices have dropped significantly recently.

On the LCD front Sharp has announced a price drop effective May 1st, with cuts as much as $700.00 on some sets. And on the Plasma end of things, Panasonic has announced significant price reductions. The Investors Business Daily article states “Panasonic knocked 36% off the price of its 42-inch model — the most popular screen size. Last year’s model had a suggested retail price of $5,500. This year’s model goes for $3,500.”

If you’re in the market for a Panasonic plasma, I would caution you to make sure you notify your vendor of choice, that you’re aware of these reductions, as they may have pre-reduction stock on hand.

Posted by Bryan Greenway | | Filed Under High Definition Televisions