Mainstream 52″ LCD’s close, 100″ LCD panels on the horizon

May 25, 2005

Samsung LCDLCD televisions have had one major shortcoming thus-far, size. But if Sang-Wan Lee (President and CEO of Samsung Electronics LCD division) get his wish, the venerable 42” plasma may soon be replaced by a 46” LCD. Gazing his eye even farther into the future Mr. Lee sees 100” LCD panels entering the commercial market within 5 years.

According to Mr. Lee mass produced, single substrate 57” LCD’s are only two production generations away (read as little as 18-24 months) and screens as large as 80-100” are a matter of when not if. Lee mentions another “important milestone” that LCD technologies much reach, before the +50” sizes become competitive with Plasma, the 32” 1k LCD. Given LCD’s pricing trends of late, this “thousand dollar 32” LCD” seems perfectly feasible.

LCD’s offer the most likely path to widespread adoption of 1080p by consumers, and given LCD’s performance increases in 2005 alone, I may have to seriously reconsider my “go with plasma” mantra.

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