More HD on the horizon

May 5, 2005

Directv_7I’ve never been one to shy away from a juicy rumor, especially when it comes to high definition. As I’m sure many of you already know, 10 of the Voom high definition exclusive channels are now carried by DishNetwork, with the entire 21 to be carried by 2006. Rainbow Media Holdings (parent company of the now defunct Voom DBS) entered into a carriage agreement that would apparently propel DishNetwork into a solid player in the HD race, instead of an also-ran. What about DirecTV?

This is where the rumor comes into play, so as always with DBS providers believe it when you see it, but I felt this one was substantial enough to bring up. This is 80% conjecture (derived from a recent DirecTV conference call) and 20% ‘tip’ from someone who has an admittedly minor role with DirecTV, so take it as such.

DishNetwork it would seem wasn’t the only direct broadcast satellite provider approached by RMH with an offer to carry the Voom exclusives, but apparently DirecTV passed on the Voom 21. DirecTV not interested in high definition? Again rumor, but it would seem there was more to the story.

DirecTV may be working on their own exclusive high definition channels, ok but where would the content come from? News Corporation (parent company of DirecTV) just happens to own a little television network, maybe you’ve heard of them, its called “Fox Broadcasting”. Yeah seems like a no brainer, but until the addition of the Voom exclusives by DishNetwork, DirecTV hadn’t sent any signals that would have indicated their interest in in-house HD programming, this has apparently changed.

It’s speculated the “Fox HD” channels would emulate the existing ‘Fox Movie Channel’ with high definition thrown into the mix. Fox has more than enough movies on tap to fulfill such an order, but only time (hint June) will tell if the rumor pans out to be true.

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