Samsung HL-R6768W, 67” DLP

May 18, 2005

As “big screens” go you’d be hard pressed to get much bigger than the Samsung HL-R6768W, without taking out a second mortgage. Proudly sitting atop the Samsung throne as king of the screens (an 80” DLP is said to be in the works) the HL-R6768W has a few features other DLP’s dream about, most importantly full 1080p resolution, dual HDMI inputs, CableCARD and built in ATSC / NTSC Tuners.

In addition the Samsung 68 series offers, two component inputs, two composite video & one side and two rear S-Video Inputs as well as Cinema Film Mode 3:2 pull down.

Hey if any Samsung marketing reps are reading this, we’d love to do a hand’s on review of this bad boy. I think with a full weekend, a couple of pizzas, a weeks worth of Netflix and a full DVR, I could manage a few thousand words or so. Call me ok?….

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