Blockbuster planning movie downloads

June 2, 2005

blockbusterCompetition from Netflix, DVR’s and menagerie of other distractions, would appear to leave Blockbuster trying to regain their once unshakeable hold on the home video front. Blockbuster UK is planning an in-store movie download system that would allow customers to pick a movie and download it onto a memory stick or card, for playback on a PSP or other similar portable video device.

Also rumored is a Blockbuster branded video on demand service, as well as outright downloads straight to end users PC’s. No details on the later two proposed services were available. I can only imagine that Blockbuster has been working on these type of services (and more) for some time now, as the combination of Netflix and cable television providers offering DVR’s and VOD have to be eating away at their bottom line. I fully expect BB to do some innovative work in this arena, if they intend to retain market share.

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