Broadcom demonstrates HDTV via DSL

June 14, 2005

broadcomIPTV appears to be cropping up more and more, whether it’s via VDSL, ADSL2+ or Verizon’s fiber-optic system it seems like telco providers are anxious to start offering alternatives to satellite and cable based HD programming.

Recently Broadcom demonstrated the world’s first MPEG-4 compressed, high definition, live TV broadcast over an operational ADSL2+ network or rather HDTV on DSL (yeah that was much simpler). As mentioned Broadcom is using MPEG-4 for the HD-DSL transmissions which allows for the as yet unheard of image resolutions over existing IP networks. This is the same compression codec that many satellite providers will be switching to in the coming years.

“The success of this demonstration reinforces our view that Broadcom is a very credible and capable HD AVC technology partner for France Telecom,” according to Pascal Viginier, Executive VP of R&D for France Telecom.

Senior marketing analysts at Broadcom expect a 550% increase in IP based set-top boxes. This may sound impressive, but given the relative absence of such boxes today the numbers really don’t tell us much, although any and all alternatives to the Cable/Sat monopolies can only aid in HD’s acceptance into the marketplace.

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