Free DVR’s for DirecTV subscribers

June 16, 2005

Directv_7According to this Slate article by Jay Epstein, Rupert Murdoch is quoted as saying “every (DirecTV) subscriber will be getting either a free digital video recorder or one for nominal amounts of money.” Ok, great but why? Normally the news that 20 million DirecTV subscribers are getting a free to nearly free DVR is big enough on its own, but the why is even more impressive.

Apparently Mr. Murdoch wants to (potentially) put the video rental business out of business. That’s right DirecTV intends to stream movies to your DVR, the same day they’re available for rental at conventional brick and mortar rental shops. Of course this has some retailers (namely Wal-Mart) angry, but to me this appears to be nothing more than technology catching up to an outdated, irrelevant means of distribution.

The more I hear about these “video distribution” networks the more it makes sense, I think Larry Ellison the President of Oracle said it best, “don’t put bits in cardboard” put bits through networks that people are already using. It makes sense, if you can download a movie the same day it’s available at the video store, why would you drive over to the video store? Or for that matter even wait on the mail, sorry Netflix even though I love your service, this offers even more convenience. No time frame was given for the mass DVR roll-out.

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