Mark Cuban on high definition DVD

June 4, 2005

HDnetSo I’m reading the new issue of Home Theater, geesh talk about timely news. Why do print magazines even bother trying to be timely anymore? Anyway while flipping through the issue I come across an interview with Mark Cuban of HDnet, the first couple of questions were the perquisite softballs followed by Cuban’s trademark chest pounding. Nothing really new but toward the end he’s asked about Blu-ray and HD-DVD. His response surprised me, coming from someone who claims to care so much about high definition.

HT: So what’s your take on the coming high-definition DVD format war? Have you chosen a side?

MC: I hope it’s a real mess. I hope there is a ton of confusion. That will be great for us. I know that’s not a good thing for consumers, but it will create more opportunity for HDNet.

Very responsible; I may not have the formal business background Mr. Cuban does, but even I know this type of statement doesn’t do anything but peak interest in the other side’s product. Good job Mark, but hey I see where you’re coming from and if I was in your shoes I’d probably be very concerned about high definition video discs as well.

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