Samsung’s SlimFit 30” HDTV

June 27, 2005

TX-R3079WH Back in November of last year I wrote about a new line of HD CRT televisions from Samsung, which in my opinion really fill a long overlooked niche in the home theater market. Sure LCD’s and Plasma’s look fantastic hung on walls or sitting on top of shallow stands, but not every application calls for such a super-slim display, for example a closed cabinet that doesn’t show the sides of a television is wasted on flat panel displays.

Samsungs new TX-R3079WH high definition CRT display is only 16” deep and at 30” diagonal it would make a great addition to a living room/media center. The set comes fully equipped with an off air HD tuner, making it quite the bargain at less than $1200. Anyone who’s ever seen a really nice CRT calibrated properly, with a high quality source such as DVD or even laserdisc (yeah I go back that far) knows it’s really hard to match the image quality of a good CRT television, add high def to this mix and we’re really talking. The Slim CRT’s from Samsung are making there way to distributors now, and should be available sometime in July if not sooner

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