HD-DVD survey, guess what they found

July 29, 2005

hd-dvdAfter last weeks Blu-ray survey which “found” that people preferred Blu-ray 4 to 1 (I’m still trying to figure that one out) now comes the HD-DVD camp with their own survey, and guess what, the survey showed 47 percent of respondents supported HD-DVD compared to 30 percent for Blu-ray, imagine that.

Again I didn’t bring this up to discuss the technical merits of either format, but to illustrate how meaningless these surveys are. Anyone who’s owned and or followed the hype around console games can tell you lots of promises are made as to which titles will be available at launch time, but its often a very different story once the console/player hits the streets.

What I’m really getting at here is this; does Blu-ray look better on paper? Sure it does but does this mean it will absolutely, positively beyond any shadow of a doubt be the better format a year from purchase? I don’t know about you but with HD DVD players said to retail for $800-$1000 I’m not willing to throw my support behind either camp just yet, and certainly not because of the findings of some bought and paid for focus group. Here’s what it really boils down to MOVIES.

Forget all of the recording nonsense, when’s the last time you actually recorded a DVD of any kind? If you’re like the average consumer what little to any recording you do is on a DVR, not a DVD so I’m not willing to automatically give Blu-ray the nod just because it has a higher recording capacity. It’s about the movies that will be available at launch time and in the following months to years. That (titles) in my opinion is what will win or lose the high definition DVD war.

As I was writing this 20th Century Fox announced they will go with Blu-ray, not a big surprise really as they have been on the Blu-ray board for sometime now, but interesting nonetheless.

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