Mark Levinson No. 40 Media Console

July 5, 2005

levinson no 40Granted the Mark Levinson moniker may have been absorbed by Harman International (Its odd to think of Levinson and Harman Kardon under the same corporate umbrella) but the products and engineering don’t seem to have suffered in the process. Take for example the Levinson No. 40 Media Console, with a feature set that includes: (3) Composite inputs (6) S-video inputs (3) Component inputs (6) RCA SPDIF inputs (4) Toslink inputs (2) AES/EBU XLR inputs and one BNC SPDIF input. Flexibility seems to be the name of the game with this unit. Additional input “cards” are said to be available as well.

Oh but it doesn’t stop there, the No. 40 offers a full fledged video switcher with video transcoding from all S-Video and Component inputs on board, as well as Levinson’s famous balanced power supplies throughout the unit. Years ago we had a Levinson No. 30 and 31 DAC/Transport combo in our showroom, the moment we heard it several of us looked at each other and basically said the same thing “I never knew CD’s could sound like that”. I’m told the DAC’s in the No. 40 are vastly improved over those used in the No. 30, and if so this might very well be one of if not the best surround/video processors on the planet.

Price you ask? oddly enough I couldn’t get a firm answer (it appears some re-pricing is underway) but apparently the unit will retail for “as high as 30K” I’m told. Ouch I guess my Marantz SR-7500 is safe on my A/V rack for now.

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