Another black screen, sort of

August 1, 2005

mirage screenI say “sort of” because the Mirage from ‘Screen Innovations’ incorporates material from DNP in its construction, DNP you’ll remember was the Danish company that caught quite a bit of attention at InfoComm 2005 with their ‘SuperNova’ screen. The Mirage however is intended for consumer use, whereas the DNP product caters to the commercial end of the gamut.

The Mirage is available in screen sizes ranging from 60”-120” and according to the press release is offered in one inch increments, now that could be handy… The screen is rigid so like the Sony ChromaVue, shipping costs should be factored into the bottom line. Pricing aside, competition in the ‘black screen’ marketplace is very welcome. Hopefully we’ll see this technology on par with traditional screen pricing within a few years.

Retail for the Mirage at 110” is said to be upwards of 3k and around $2500 for the 80” version. While this is somewhat more than Sony’s 80”, I’m told the difference in performance is well worth it, not to mention Sony only offers an 80” model, so anything over that makes a direct price comparison out of the question.

I really hope that SI’s involvement in black screens brings on more competitive pricing, as even though one of these screens would be perfect for my theater/media room; the current incarnations of these screens are a bit out of my price range. I’ll definitely be following the progress of this line closely.

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