DIRECTV HD-TiVo, the price is right

August 17, 2005

Directv_7Back in June I mentioned that DirecTV would offer free or nearly free NDS HD-DVR’s. Well it would appear as if the NDS badged boxes are taking longer than expected to ship, so DirecTV is now offering the TiVo HD-DVR for $200.00 after mail-in rebate.

The up-front cost is actually $299.00 plus $14.95 for shipping & handling and an additional two year commitment. The mail in rebate would take that back down to $214.00 or so, not bad for a product that retailed for over 1k when introduced.

I learned of this promotion from a friend who works for another installation company here in town. As it turns out this offer was pitched to a customer they had lost, and then called back to gloat over the deal DirecTV had given them. Keep in mind that there are various levels of special promotions, packages, and retention methods at DirecTV so you may not be offered the exact same deal; but over on the TiVo Community forum I’m seeing some of the same chatter, so this would appear to be a real deal.

The free part of the deal (as mentioned in the previous post) would appear to now manifest itself when the MPEG4 transition takes place and the same CSR told my friend’s client “don’t worry about the MPEG4 switchover, we’ll take care of the associated hardware costs”. So yes this is a stop-gap measure, in that this DVR will eventually have to be replaced, but with DirecTV apparently handling the majority if not all of the fees associated with the switch-over, this really isn’t a bad deal at all.

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