InFocus to unveil new generation of projectors at CEDIA 2005

August 10, 2005

Granted the short blurb of “Think you’ve seen it all? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Doesn’t exactly tell us much, but I think it’s safe to assume that InFocus may have a front projection answer to the current generation of 1080p capable, rear-pro displays. Early adopters of these sets are already enjoying high definition in full 1080p but sadly the front projection arena is nearly void of such resolutions, unless you’re willing to shell out nearly 30k for the Sony Qualia or go to a larger even more expensive commercial unit.

infocus cedia

Another snippet from the InFocus press release mentions “InFocus’ new product design will set it apart from the other single chip projectors” so we know we’re talking about a single chip unit, but lips are tight as to resolution and retail price. Needless to say this looks like a very interesting product and we’ll report more as soon as any additional details are known, which if the air of secrecy holds may not be until September 9th at CEDIA.

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