1080p front projection at last

September 12, 2005

action model 3 1080I’m sure attendees to the recent CEDIA Expo 2005 heard the term 1080p hundreds, if not thousands, of times last week but with good reason. 1080p has the potential to deliver (not just promise) near cinema like performance in the home.

Up until this year’s CEDIA Expo, if you wanted 1080p front projection you were either looking at shelling out upwards of 35k for the Sony Qualia or similar projectors from JVC; which again are in the arm-and-leg price range. Well all of that should change with Texas Instruments announcement that it has begun supplying manufacturers with 1080p DMD’s for front projection. Surely the projectors themselves can’t be far off….

No not far off at all, as a matter of fact how about in-production and shipping by the end of the year? ProjectionDesign showcased its new Action! model three full 1080p capable single chip DLP front projector at this years show, and while the price tag (estimated at over 20k) is still steep, DLP chips are notorious for their price drops. And by this time next year, front-pro 1080p may be attainable for those of us who want the best but don’t necessarily have the bank account to back it up. Ahh isn’t the ever evolving world of consumer electronics fun?

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