InFocus to re-focus on the projector market

September 19, 2005

infocus_screenplayPortland Oregon television station KOIN is reporting (among others) that InFocus have decided to shelve their tabletop DLP displays and focus (no pun intended) on what they do best, DLP front projection. I suppose the writing was on the wall for this one as InFocus themselves had a hard time coming up with retail pricing for the 61MD10 before launch. Our local distributor told us there had been no less then 4 price reductions on the IF rear projection models since introduction.

So short story even shorter, the flat/thin screen display business is cut-throat right now, what I’m having a hard time understanding is how InFocus failed to see it last year when the displays were announced. Regardless they still make what are in my opinion some of the best front projectors to be had, and hopefully this shift back to their core business model will ensure that remains the case.

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