DTS audio for HD broadcasts

October 25, 2005

DTSSeveral months ago I wrote a short blurb that mentioned the lack of DTS audio in HD broadcasts. Long story short Dolby Digital is supported by a broader range of equipment, thereby making it the default audio codec for home theater applications. This however doesn’t make it sonically superior (that’s a can of worms, for another day).

Well as it turns out DTS may be taking its first steps toward the direct broadcast world. Recently DTS along with igig.tv broadcast Robbie Williams ‘Intensive Care’ album launch-show, in high definition with DTS sound to nine European cinemas.

Ok it’s (of course) technically feasible to encode DTS audio for Cable/Sat and off-air transmissions, but with cable and satellite companies already hemorrhaging from current bandwidth limitations, its doubtful we’ll see DTS being supported by any of the major North American DBS or cable operations. That is unless they (DTS) can somehow convince the average consumer of the formats sonic superiority, something which to this point hasn’t happened. At least we can look forward to high definition DVD’s encoded in DTS.

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