RPG Diffusor Systems, Modex Plate

October 10, 2005

Modex PlatePoor, low frequency, bass response is more often than not the number one problem we run across in hastily designed dedicated home theaters and the fix is often just as undesirable as the sound. That ‘fix’ is generally freestanding or roughed in after-market, room absorption materials that by and large solve the acoustical problems, but rarely leave the room’s aesthetics intact.

Well RPG Diffusor Systems apparently had just our situation in mind when they designed the Modex Plate; a 60×40, 4” deep, low frequency absorption panel, that can easily be near-flushed into the average sheetrock wall cavity.

The finished install could pass as a large in-wall speaker or HVAC air return. At $999.00 it’s not exactly “cheap” but given the fact it can handle frequencies from 50 to 500Hz and can be near-flushed into a wall, it could potentially be much less expensive and more attractive than some of the other commercially available acoustical room solutions.

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