Sony VPL-VW100, AKA Ruby

November 1, 2005

Sony RubyBack in September I wrote about the ProjectionDesign Action! Model three, and how 1080p DLP chips were in production and making their way out to manufacturers. But I would be remiss to not mention another 1080p front projector by Sony. The VPL-VW100 (Sony internal code name Ruby) is a 3-chip SXRD, 1080p, 400watt Xenon powered spec-fest that might give those in the market for a new high-end projector reason to pause.

The price you ask? Well unfortunately for those us who still grimace at the cable bill every month, the Ruby will initially retail at 10k USD. However I think it’s safe to assume price reductions aren’t out of the question, with higher production. Not being a Sony dealer, I’ll have to scrounge up an ‘out-in-the-wild’ unit for review, and it just so happens I have a friend who is seriously considering a Ruby to replace his Electrohome CRT. The Ruby is slated to ship later this month.

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