Inputs outputs and headaches

December 26, 2005

denon avr rearUndoubtedly many of the gifts our readers gave and received yesterday were home theater related, as consumer electronics topped the most wanted lists of many shoppers and recipients alike. Now if you received a DVD player and or CD player, the hook-up on those is pretty self explanatory. But what about something a little more complicated, say a surround sound receiver for example?

Ok, now I understand that many of you are seasoned veterans when it comes to putting together the various pieces of gear that comprise a home theater, but for those who might need a little guidance the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) has a handy little app for determining what goes where on the back of that new surround sound receiver.

Speaking of hooking up new surround receivers, you’d be surprised how useful some white vinyl tape and a fine point sharpie can be, for labeling that gaggle of wires behind the receiver. And trust me, you do want to label them.

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