Samsung’s Universal Media Station

December 6, 2005

Samsung UMSThe little box to your left (or something very much like it) might just revolutionize home theater. The Samsung Universal Media Station with its 300GB hard drive, Ethernet, USB, digital and analog A/V outputs, could theoretically deliver first run, high-definition Hollywood movies to your home on release night, not four months later.

Unveiled at CEDIA Expo 2005, the UMS’s primary purpose was described as “downloading media content from a networked computer or the Internet with playback through its built-in hardware decoder”. The big if (and granted it’s a BIG one) in all this is, will the studios get on board? A Samsung representative stated that the UMS would incorporate strong DRM protection so the piracy concerns should be minimal, but the really big quantum leap here is are the studios willing to loosen their iron grip on first run movies?

I really feel like this is where entertainment is headed. Think about it, 15 years ago if I’d told you one day you won’t have to drive to the record store to buy an album you would have laughed. Now when I tell you that in 5 to 10 years from now you won’t have get a sitter to catch Friday’s big premiere, hopefully it doesn’t sound so far fetched.

Here’s the kicker, the UMS will retail for around $300.00 or about 14 trips to the Cineplex.

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