Theater owners exercise rights, hilarity ensues

December 19, 2005

empty theaterWhen I first read this UPI article about the National Association of Theater Owners wanting to block cellular signals inside movie theaters, I thought to myself great idea, why didn’t they do this earlier? Then reading on I was snapped back into the reality that is today’s United Litigious States of America.

Apparently the consortium of theater owners is being challenged by the “Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association”. Does every single industry in the country have their own political lobby? Only in America could a lobbyist insinuate that theater owners wanting to install cell phone jammers, might somehow pose a safety risk. What’s next, free cell phones for all?

Seriously folks, the notion that we’re all helpless as kittens without our precious cell phones is contrite and dated. Newsflash, people were able to call for help before the invention of portable hand held phones.

It’s kind of obvious the ‘please turn off all electronic devices’ message at the beginning of movies isn’t working and these theater owners are just trying to make it as pleasant as possible for patrons. What does this have to do with home theater? Everything, in my opinion. The very idea that Cineplex owners are trying to cope with annoyances and rudeness in their establishments speaks volumes as to why home theater is more attractive than ever.

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