HD-DVD players available for preorder

January 27, 2006

hd-a1Its seems like I’ve been talking about the launch of high definition DVD for years not months, but now we can do more than talk as Best Buy is taking preorders for the Toshiba HD-A1 HD-DVD player.

Without getting into a big long why I support either format type of post, I’ll just say with a list price of $499 this player is at a price point that with any further discounting and or software incentives, early adopters just might go ahead and take the plunge on the HD-A1, which is of course good news for Toshiba.

However I’m still uncertain enough as to either formats real supremacy (technical attributes not withstanding) to commit to either one. As I’ve said many times this isn’t so much about gigabytes as titles, even if I could own both formats players for under a grand I wouldn’t buy either, as software titles easily surpass hardware as your biggest expenditure.

Some point to Blu-rays (arguably) greater number of announced titles as reason to go with that format, but as long as there’s one movie I can’t enjoy on either format, that’s enough reason in my mind to stick it out. In closing, if anyone tells you “xyz format will win” ask them if that guarantee includes them purchasing your obsolete move titles.

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